Terms & Conditions

This battery is FULLY warrantied against manufacturing defects arising from raw materials used and poor workmanship and it is of under normal usage within the warranty period, subject to the followings terms and conditions:

  1. This Malaysia warranty programme is brought to you by YSK Marketing Sdn. Bhd.
  2. This warranty is only valid within Malaysia only.
  3. This warranty is void if:
    • The battery does not has our brand / marking or that the serial number has been tempered with or remove.
    • Damage to the battery is caused by malfunctions of vehicle’s charging and electrical system, collision, misuse, fire, mishandling, improper storage and maintenance, explosion and Acts of God.
    • The battery is transferred to another vehicle.
    • The battery has been tempered with, repaired or modified in whatsoever manner by unauthorized person.
    • The battery is used for any other applications other than automotive starting and lighting applications.
  4. Warranty period
    • 12 months from the date of purchase or 20,000km whichever occurs earlier for all petrol powered private use vehicles.
    • 06 months from the date of purchase or 20,000km whichever occurs earlier for all diesel powered vehicles, taxi and commercially used vehicles.
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